Dolit Protective varnish

Product Details

Product group: Complementary products
System structure: Dolit Protective Varnish Primer; Dolit Protective Varnish A
Product info no.: ZP.SL.001


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Fields of application

The substrate, ambient air and Dolit materials must be in the temperature range between 10 °C and 30 °C during application. The optimum processing temperature is 20 °C. Higher and lower temperatures affect the working time and consistency of the composition. Consumption and application performance may change as a result.

During application, the substrate must be kept absolutely dry. No moisture (condensate, mist, etc.) may get onto the surfaces to be protected.

Unevenness must already be levelled out in the substrate.

Distance to dew point has to be at least 3 K, at a relative humidity of above 70 % at least 5 K.

The construction site must be protected from draught and direct sunlight.

Before Dolit Protective Varnish Primer can be applied to the visible surfaces of a tile or brick flooring laid with a hollow joint, the bed joint must be completely hardened, possibly acidified and dry again. The tile surface must be free of adhering mortar material, dry and chemically neutral.

The Protective varnish system can be used from a joint width of 4 mm.

Beforehand, the repulsion behaviour must be checked on a test surface. If necessary, contact the application technology department.


Item numberLotContainerMonth
Dolit-Protective Varnish Primer52450140262 kgCanister24
Dolit-Protective Varnish A524501300610 kgBucket24

Material requirements

Dolit-Protective Varnish Primer0.100
Dolit-Protective Varnish A0.300per coating