Dolit Acid protection sheet

Product Details

Product group: Rubber linings
Material base: Chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR)
System structure:
Primer Dolit Primer R
Dolit rubber lining with glue system R
Product info no.:

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Fields of application

On-site rubber lining.

Sealing on steel an mineral substrates; sealing under brick linings in vessels; sealing sheet in sumps and collecting areas; sealing under tile linings

Product properties


ComponentItem numberContainerLotBest before
Dolit-Acid protection sheet2 – 6 mm thickRole15 / 11 m²36 Month
Dolit-Primer R5240307020Hobbock16 kg12 Month
Dolit-Lösung R5240341014Hobbock22 kg12 Month
Dolit-Accelerator R5240342026Bucket**2 kg12 Month
Dolit-Hardener R5240025047Bottle0,75 kg12 Month
Dolit-Reiniger 15240016068Canister8,5 kg24 Month

Mixing ratio


Componentkg / m²
Dolit-Primer R0.15
Washing off the rubber sheet
Componentkg / m²
Dolit-Cleaner 10.2
Glue system
Componentkg / m²
Dolit-Solution R0.712
Dolit-Accelerator R0.064
Dolit-Hardener R0.024
Summe 0.8

Rubber sheet

Dolit-Acid protection sheet1,05 m²

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