New from Dolit:

Material systems for the preparation and restoration of mineral substrates.

Dolit Primer H: Damp substrate? Coat?
With our new special primer for damp substrates Dolit Primer H, you will find the solution to continue working quickly and safely in very many application cases – without extensive structural measures.

CRS provide particular material systems with special solutions.

Always connected to a specific benefit for your individual project. Always easy and as simple as possible in use.

Subgrade leveling when things have to go fast.

Our new Dolit ET-C synthetic resin concrete is the fast and chemically resistant solution for leveling out coarse defects in the substrate and for producing foundations and ramps on site. Prefabrication of special molded parts for later installation is also no problem with Dolit ET-C. Times for concrete drying are a thing of the past.
Simple, fast and secure:

Dolit Flake spray coatings
in flue gas cleaning systems

Our solution:: Dolit Flake VE-G and Dolit Flake VE-C
  • We use a chemically highly resistant binder system. And should hydrofluoric acid be involved, we have a correspondingly resistant system in our range with DolitFlake VE-C.

    Further advantages:

    – complex geometries are no problem thanks to the spray application
    – seamless
    – less demanding steel construction

The Dolit product groups

Only bei using water and sand we are not able to solve the tasks of our customers.
Therefore our product portfolio includes a wide range of different material grades.