Dolit VEQ

Product Details

Product group: Mortars
Material base: Epoxy-Novolac-Vinylester
System structure: Dolit VEQ - Mortar
Product info no.: KI.VE.002


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Fields of application

Laying and jointing mortar based on a vinylester resin and a filler containing quartz for easy laying and jointing of acid-resistant ceramic tiles or bricks.

Dolit VEQ is used for the lining of apparatus and process vessels or for the tiling in industrial plants, chemical warehouses and production areas where particularly comprehensive and universal chemical resistance is required.


Product properties


Item numberLotContainerMonth
Dolit-VEQ-Solution523211500125 kgHobbock6
Dolit-VE-Accelerator52320010232.5 kgCan24
Dolit-VE-Hardener52320020071 kgBottle12
Dolit-VEQ-Powder521111600125 kgBag24

Mixing ratio

Componentkg/litrePart by weightkg / mixLitres / batch

Material requirements

Mortar required for full-length installation (bedding joint 5 mm, butt joint 7 mm)
Split tiles 240 x 115 x 20 mm≈ 7.5 l18.00 kg/m²
Split tiles 240 x 115 x 40 mm≈ 9.5 l22.80 kg/m²
Bricks 240 x 115 x 65 mm≈ 11.5 l27.60 kg/m²
Bricks 240 x 115 x 80 mm≈ 13.0 l31.20 kg/m²
Bed joint thickness4 – 7 mm
Joint width5 – 8 mm

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