Dolit. Our brand. Our products.

Dolit that is the brand that represents our products. The brand for individual corrosion protection. The brand that positions our products and presents them to the market. Always specific, of selected quality and with significant benefit.
At once sustainable. And with respect to the environment. Simply particular.
Environmental Protection

Only by using water and sand you would not achieve chemically highly resistant lining systems. We know that. And we are convinced that the protection of our environment is essential. Therefore Dolit products are as low-pollutant as possible. Thus they contribute to protect water and ground. Even with extremely aggressive exposures of facilities and construction components

For example our new Dolit Garage Multi is classified as “very low-pollutant EC 1 Plus” according to GEV-Emicode

Valuable raw materials that are not consumed persist. With our solutions we aim for increased equipment life time, which is economically reasonable and combined with reduced material consumption sustainable at the same time.

During continuous product improvement we permanently search for better raw material alternatives. Technical requirements increase constantly. They are ambitious and always specific. By continuous risk analysis we reduce unfavorable impacts as far as possible and explore alternatives. Thus we find the ideal solution.

For example renewable raw materials are used for Dolit Wear Protection Lining.